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The Archivio del '900 conserves numerous documentary collections relative to Italian art and architecture of the 20th century.
The birth of the collections carries the mark of Futurist artist Fortunato Depero, who donated all his artistic production and personal papers to the Municipality of Rovereto. The Mart has always dedicated particular attention to expanding this archival legacy, enriched by new donations relative to the thematic lines of the original gift: Futurism, the historical-critical debate of the first half of the 20th century, architecture, visual poetry and the neo-avant-garde. At the Mart there are currently about 70 private historical archives of artists, architects, critics and art galleries, in part described in the donation inventories and the official guide of the Archivio del '900, compiled in collaboration with the Mart Library. The conserved materials - papers, writings, documents, photographs, drawings, press clippings, objects - are a very rich and partly unexplored source for the study of the historical and artistic events of the last century.



The Archivio del ’900 offers online access to the research tools produced over the years: more than 40 inventories with 10,000 digital reproductions realized with the help of the Autonomous Province of Trento and the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Trento e Rovereto.


Consult the Comprehensive Mart Catalogue (CIM)



The Archivio del ’900 publishes three series of books that assemble the studies conducted on the materials it conserves: Quaderni d'architettura, Documenti and Inediti.


The Archivio del ’900 participates in the exhibition activities of the Mart, selecting the documentation that accompanies the works of art in the galleries. It designs and installs the exhibitions on the Mezzanine level dedicated to archival materials, and coordinates loans for events in other museums.


In recent years the Archivio del ’900 has cultivated relationships with several universities, becoming the locus of numerous research projects. Collaborations are presently underway with the Università degli Studi di Trento, the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa and the Università di Udine.

The Archivio del ’900 is the home of the CISF (International Center for Futurism Studies). The aim of the Centro is to promote knowledge of Italian Futurism and its relationship with the international artistic currents of the time. With the founding of the Centro, the Mart continues one of its founding missions: Rovereto also hosts the Casa d'Arte Futurista Depero. The idea for the Centro was already germinating in the early ‘80s, and since then the Mart has relaunched the work of Depero, and with it, Futurism, on an international scale. Noteworthy among the various initiatives realized by the Centro are the mapping of the Futurist archives, the compilation in 2001 of the Dizionario del Futurismo, to which 100 Italian and foreign scholars contributed, and the international conference “Futurismo. Dall'avanguardia alla memoria”, organized in 2003 in collaboration with the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library of Yale University and with the participation of the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles.
Contact person
Federico Zanoner


The Archivio del '900 is home to research on the verbo-visual arts, which started from the Archivio di Nuova Scrittura, founded by Paolo Della Grazia in 1988 and now conserved at the Mart, including the archives of the collector Marco Fraccaro and the artist Ugo Carrega. To this extraordinary nucleus of documentation, which has been the subject of exhibitions, publications and conferences, numerous other collections – archives and books, donated or deposited by collectors (Denza) and by artists (Bentivoglio, Bighi, Bory, Cole, Danon, Echaurren, Martini, Ricciardi, Sturani) or their heirs (Baj, Cavellini, Ciani) – have been added. The Archivio del '900 promotes verbo-visual research at the international level, from visual poetry to concrete poetry, as well as forms of experimentation related to these such as mail art, sound poetry, and artists’ books.
Contact person
Duccio Dogheria

The Mart is a founding member of AAA/Italia, the National Association of Architectural Archives, which was officially constituted on 9 July 1999. Membership is offered to entities that conserve architectural archives or the private archives of architects, or to persons involved in the activities of interest to the association and share its spirit. Among the initiatives supported by Mart are campaigns for the preservation of contemporary architecture and the National Days for architectural archives. The architect’s archives are registered with SIUSA. The Mart is a partner of the portal "Archivi degli architetti", part of SAN, and of the International Confederation of Architectural Museums (ICAM).
Contact person
Paola Pettenella


Basic services – assistance to visitors, orientation and information on the archival holdings, consultation of the archives – are free of charge. Visitors can avail themselves of printed and digital materials to conduct research on the museum’s Collections.


The Archivio del ’900 offers a service of digital reproduction of documents, limited to 15% of any given volume. 
Reproductions made by Archivio personnel, whether for study or publishing purposes, are subject to payment as established by the Board of Directors of the Mart in the tariff table.

Publication of documents belonging to the Mart archives must be authorized by the museum administration in relation to a specific written request on a pre-printed form and in accordance with the rules set out in the Regulations of the Archivio del ‘900.





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