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The Mart is participating in Art Bonus, a measure adopted by the Italian Government to favour patronage in support of culture. This enables the institution to finance projects that consolidate its own activities, promoting the development of new proposals and extending the possibilities of access to our heritage.
Thanks to Art Bonus the Mart is investing in a new Special Project dedicated to blind people: Seeing with your hands





With the aim of contributing to improving society and the communities in its territory, the Mart is constantly committed to implementing special projects for people with disabilities, illness or anxiety, visitors for whom the enjoyment of events must be mediated and supported with particular care.

At the Mart blind people can already participate in tactile itineraries, which include the exploration of four sculptures present in the permanent exhibition devoted to the Collections.
Seeing with your hands, the new project financed with Art Bonus, gives the blind and visually impaired the opportunity to explore an image concretely and get to know the Mart’s most important painted artworks through reproductions in relief included in the visitors’ itinerary.

While light and colour are in fact fundamental elements in a painting, form and content are paths of knowledge and aesthetic enjoyment which the blind can appropriate on the emotional and cognitive plane.

The first masterpiece reproduced is Le figlie di Loth, painted by Carlo Carrà in 1919, which has already been selected as a guiding image for the Collections.

It’s easy to participate!
All of us can become patrons by making our own donations and contributing actively to the realization of the project that will be financed with Art Bonus.
The first financial target is €15,000, the sum necessary to cover the production costs of the reproductions in relief.

The natural persons, corporate bodies and companies who support the initiative will be able to benefit from the tax incentives envisaged by the national regulations. Those making money donations to support culture can in fact enjoy important fiscal benefits in the form of tax credits, equal to 65% of the amount donated.

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It is an incentive measure in the form of tax credits, available to those making donations to support the Italian cultural heritage. The measure is equal to 65% of the amount donated to the extent provided for by the law (15% of taxable income for natural persons and non-commercial bodies, five parts per thousand of the proceeds for the holders of taxable business income).

A donation is understood to be a money contribution made by a benefactor without any obligation of a consideration or recognition of an economic nature. In contrast with sponsorship, a donation cannot be translated into a form of promotion of the company and its products. The following are permitted:

  • public thanks from the beneficiary to the patron;
  • moral recognition to the patron without this representing any obligation for the beneficiary body;
  • thanks to the patrons on the website;
  • mention on the websites of the beneficiary bodies.

The patron can make a donation by:

  • bank credit transfer;
  • debit card, credit card and prepaid card;
  • bank cheque and bank draft.

You will need to retain a copy of the payment for use in completing your income tax return.

Go to the project page on the Art Bonus website