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Carlo Benvenuto, "Senza titolo" (dettaglio), 2008, c-print, Collezione privata, Roma
Carlo Benvenuto, "Senza titolo" (dettaglio), 2008, c-print, Collezione privata, Roma

Curated by Gianfranco Maraniello with Daniela Ferrari and Chiara Ianeselli

Carlo Benvenuto
The Original

Mart Rovereto
26 June 2020 /   

he Mart is dedicating a one-man exhibition to Carlo Benvenuto (Stresa, 1966) featuring a selection of fifty works of art from the 1990s to today. Photographs, sculptures and paintings come together to form a large metaphysical composition.
Exploring similarities and reflections, the exhibit unfolds around a central space, where four self-portraits interact with each other.
Benvenuto’s work tends to focus on commonplace objects that belong to the unspoken dimension of everyday life. Life-size, the objects featured in Benvenuto’s artworks exist outside any recognisable space or time, thereby shedding their functionality and transforming into mysterious poetic images.
Chosen from the Mart’s collections by the artist himself, the exhibition also features self-portraits by three great early twentieth-century artists: Giorgio de Chirico, Giorgio Morandi and Renato Guttuso.