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  • Bruno Conte - Testo–immagine C, 1959
  • Bruno Conte - Crittocosmo A, 2005
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  • mart-bruno-conte-con-Enrico-Castellani-a-Celleno-1997

Bruno Conte
The papers and books

Mart, Rovereto
09 February 2013 / 05 May 2013
"Torn pages on which seeds of marks or corroded marks continue to convey their meanings"
Giuseppe Appella
The Mart’s 20th-century Archive presents 65 works dating from 1959 to the present day, revealing Bruno Conte’s interest in iconic writing.

ixty-five works dating from 1959 to the present day bear witness to Bruno Conte’s interest as figurative artist in iconic writing and in the contents and structure of books. This research fits in with the wide-reaching panorama of research into the use of words and pictures, the focus of numerous studies and exhibitions at the Mar, including “The word in art” of 2007, "What to do with poetry" (Bellora collection) of 2010 and “The Bentivoglio donation” of 2011. In the Mart’s Library, the exhibition will be accompanied by a parallel selection of wooden object-books conserved in the 20th-century Archive.

The Mart’s exhibition also includes some works that are representative of Conte’s artistic work in books and literature, an “unusual example of analogous language through time”, to quote the artist’s own words: wooden volumes and constructions, works of tempera on paper and card, that form a close bond with the spces of the archive and library, creating correspondences between objects, documents and printed materials.


Curated by Giuseppe Appella