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  • John French - Fashion photograph, 1960s V&A Images
  • Cold War - Sale espositive
  • Cold War - Sale espositive
  • L’astronauta Dave Bowman (interpretato da Keir Dullea), in 2001 Odissea nello spazio, 1968 Photofest NYC
  • Pablo Picasso, Sciarpa per il Festival mondiale dei giovani e degli studenti per la pace, Berlino, 5–19 Agosto 1951
  • Tuta aerospaziale X-1B, indossata da Neil Armstrong, USA, tardi anni cinquanta
  • Cold War - Sale espositive

The Cold War
Art and design in the divided world 1945 – 1970

Mart Rovereto
28 March 2009 / 26 July 2009
The “Cold war”, the iron curtain, the tensions between the “Atlantic alliance” and the countries within the Soviet bloc today seem like episodes from long ago, but in reality they were a major part of 20th-century history, from the post-war years of the 1970s onwards and, above all, they inspired and animated manifestations of artistic creation.

he Cold War. Art and design in the divided world 1945 – 1970” represents the first important exhibition to reconstruct the climate of a crucial period for society, politics and culture worldwide through art, design, architecture, cinema and the visual arts.
The exhibition explores the aspects of the Cold War that influenced the arts at a time when the world was divided between capitalism and communism, between two different conceptions of “modernity” that included political and military manoeuvrings, espionage and the conquest of space.
Concentrating on the years between 1945 and 1970, the exhibition will bring together objects and works of art from the two blocs of the “divided world”: United States, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, Cuba, West and East Germany, Italy, Poland, France and Czechoslovakia.


The Cold War exhibition aims to show how the desire for modernity also formed a part of the domestic environment, starting with the famous debate between Nixon and Kruschev in 1959 at the National United States Exhibition in Moscow, focusing on the function of the kitchen within the home.
But in those years, the collective imagination was obsessed by the fear of an imminent real war. The nuclear threat, and the way in which it was lived, will be depicted in the exhibition through the drawings, art, cinema and great utopian projects such as the geodesic dome above Manhattan, planned in 1962 by Buckminster Fuller.


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Curated by Jane Pavitt and David Crowley. Produced the Victoria & Albert Museum of London in collaboration with Mart.