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di trento e rovereto

  • Laurina Paperina, "Riders of the Lost Heads", 2018, tecnica mista su tela, Courtesy Studio d’Arte Raffaelli
  • Rolando Tessadri, "Tessitura n. 01/02/03/04/05/06/07/08", 2018, tecnica mista su tela, Courtesy l’artista
  • Luca Coser, "Applause" (dettaglio), 2018, tecnica mista su lino, Courtesy l'artista
  • Christian Fogarolli, "Leucotomia" (dettaglio), 2017, pietre, oro, acciaio, olio naturale, vetro, Courtesy Contemporary Art Collection Finstral, Bolzano

Ex post
Laurina Paperina | Rolando Tessadri | Luca Coser | Christian Fogarolli

Galleria Civica, Trento
17 November 2018 / 03 March 2019
A group exhibition and four monographs present the first protagonists of a multi-year research project

x post brings four important names from the ADAC, Archivio Documentazione Artisti Contemporanei, together in the rooms of the Galleria Civica. The Archive is an instrument created in the 1990s from an idea by Diego Mazzonelli with the aim of monitoring and supporting the territory’s experiences.
Arriving in Trento in 2013, in the Mart’s third centre, today the Archive is an indispensable source of knowledge on the art of the last thirty years and fulfils a central role in the critical debate.
Of the over 550 documented artists, four have been selected to open the new Quaderni ADAC: a series of monographic publications devoted to some of the most significant names on the contemporary panorama, created with the contribution of curators, art historians and scholars.

The exhibition originates from the publishing project and is a focused look at the most recent works by its protagonists, who differ in terms both of their experiences and their types of research: Laurina Paperina (1980), poised between references to high culture and to the society of mass consumption; Rolando Tessadri (1968), a representative of the new generation of analytical painting; Luca Coser (1965), an artist and intellectual operating on the boundary between the image and its negation; and Christian Fogarolli (1983), who is engaged in an investigation involving art, psychology and the medical sciences.


Finissage on Wednesday, 27 February from 6 pm
Free entry

Curated by Gabriele Lorenzoni