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  • Vik Muniz, "Picture of Color, After Claude Monet" (dettaglio), 2001, fotografia, Mart, Deposito Eredi Alessandro Grassi
  • Wolfgang Tillmans, "Freischwimmer 152" (dettaglio), 2010, stampa su forex, Mart, Collezione Mauro De Iorio
  • Luigi Veronesi, "Senza titolo", 1940, fotogramma su carta, Mart, Collezione VAF-Stiftung

Focus | After Monet
Pictorialism in the Mart Collections

Mart Rovereto
27 June 2020 / 22 November 2020

s an extension of the Mart permanent exhibition, After Monet presents a selection of photographic works from the museum collections.
This Focus exhibition explores a central theme in the history of modern and contemporary art: the photography-painting dialectic. Illustrating the positions of Pictorialism - a movement in the late nineteenth century that placed photography on a par with painting - the exhibition highlights how more recent artists and photographers, in a vision of fluid interchange among media, moved across the boundaries of the individual disciplines and established photography as an important form of expression within the visual arts. 
On display are photographs by Wolfgang Tillmans and Andres Serrano, works by the Italian artists Luigi Veronesi, Giovanni Ziliani and Luca Andreoni, and Vik Muniz's tongue-in-cheek photography series, which gives the exhibition its title.


Curated by Denis Isaia