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  • Mario Sironi, Composizione murale, (1934), tempera su carta intelata, Mart, Collezione Allaria
  • Graham Vivian Sutherland, Composizione vegetale (arancio), 1969, tecnica mista su carta intelata, Mart, Collezione Allaria
  • Anton Zoran Mušič, Paesaggio, 1974, acrilico su tela, Mart, Collezione Allaria
  • Renato Guttuso, Nudo femminile sdraiato, 1972, tecnica mista su carta, Mart, Collezione Allaria

Focus | Mario Sironi
in the Allaria Collection

Mart Rovereto
05 March 2017 / 11 June 2017
Born during the postwar era from the friendship between Mario Sironi and Antonio Allaria, physician at the Codivilla Putti hospital in Cortina d'Ampezzo, the collection, now in Rovereto thanks to the deposit from Alessandra Allaria, reinforces Sironi’s already significant presence in the Mart collections.

rganized by thematic nuclei, the exhibition features a large group of drawings and paintings by Sironi that allows the artist’s most intimate dimension to emerge, delineating several key points in his artistic enquiry: from the earliest dalliances with Futurism to the modern classicism of the Novecento group to the most mature phase of his work.
Completing the exhibition are monographic rooms dedicated to Anton Zoran Mušič, Renato Guttuso and Graham Sutherland, also linked to Allaria through friendship, in a comparison between the works on deposit and the masterpieces of the same artists from the museum’s permanent collection.
The exhibition ends with a varied selection of graphic works by, among others, Filippo de Pisis, Giorgio Morandi and Giorgio de Chirico, giving visitors a glimpse of the vibrant cultural atmosphere of Cortina, back when it was frequented by artists and art lovers.


Curated by Alessandra Tiddia and Daniela Ferrari

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Press release

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