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  • Galleria Civica Trento
  • Galleria Civica Trento
  • Galleria Civica Trento

Galleria Civica di Trento




With the annexation of the Galleria Civica di Trento by the Mart in October 2013, the contemporary art hub expanded in both scale and importance. The historic Galleria has since resumed its activities and has become, for all practical purposes, the third Mart venue, working in coordination with the Museum and the Casa d’Arte Futurista Depero in Rovereto.
The project is built on a constructive dialogue with the territory, with the inhabitants and with those who visit the city, confirming its ties to both the Province and local institutions, as well as the Galleria’s international and cosmopolitan vocation. At the same time, the reopening of the spaces represents a return to experimentation in the way of conceiving and interpreting art that has always characterized the activities of the Galleria Civica since its foundation.

The program aims to promote the work of young professionals in the field of art, and the commitment to doing so has been established from the outset as one of the most urgent directions that the administration intends to pursue.

Further confirming the Museum's roots in the territory and the attention it has pledged to devote to young people, the Galleria Civica has merged with the ADAC (Archive of Contemporary Trentino Artists), whose research work on the territory is instructive with regard to the training, production and circulation of artists from the region, as well as of interest to researchers, curators, gallery owners and cultural operators. Through the ADAC, now returned to the city in which it was founded in the 1980s, the Galleria Civica strengthens its role as a platform at the service of artists active in the area and intensifies relations with local contemporary art associations, a lively segment that is now more active than ever. Cultural associations, independent organizations and national and international art collectives will find in the Galleria Civica an interlocutor with whom they can maintain an active dialogue. 

The competition for the architectural restyling
In order to renew the spaces for the reopening, the Mart has invited the Order of Architects of Trento to launch a competition for the design of the overall refurbishment of the Galleria, open to professionals under the age of 35. The competition has shown itself to be a precious opportunity for young architects, able to tackle a project involving international museum excellence.

Of the 32 projects presented, the winner was the one by Stefano Grigoletto (Rovereto, 1985) presented to the city last 10th May. The commission, formed of the Mart’s director, Cristiana Collu, the president of the Order of Architects of Trento, Alberto Winterle, of Nicola Di Battista, a professor and architect, and of two other architects, Giovanni Marzari and Giovanni Maria Filindeu, rewarded his project for its overall architectural quality. In particular, the originality of an idea that radically revises the Galleria’s rooms while maintaining a felicitous balance between the need for a versatile space and that of creating a space with a clearly recognisable character, was appreciated.



Galleria Civica Trento


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