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  • Eliseo Mattiacci, Motociclista, 1981. Photo: Claudio Abate
  • Eliseo Mattiacci, Tavole degli alfabeti primari, 1972
  • Eliseo Mattiacci, La mia idea del cosmo, 2001. Photo: Claudio Abate
  • Eliseo Mattiacci, Sonda spaziale, 1993-1995. Photo: Michele Sereni

Eliseo Mattiacci

Mart Rovereto
03 December 2016 / 12 March 2017

fter the solo exhibitions by Giuseppe Penone and Robert Morris, Mart proposes a great project dedicated to the work of Eliseo Mattiacci. In an ideal passing of the baton, the exhibition continues the exploration of sources and forms in contemporary sculpture.

Fruit of a dialogue between the artist and the museum, the retrospective presents works that have rarely been exhibited, such as Locomotiva (Locomotive) (1964), and sculptures whose size and complexity make them nearly impossible to install in an ordinary gallery, such as Motociclista (Motorcyclist) (1981), La mia idea del cosmo (My Idea of the Cosmos) (2001) and Piattaforma esplorativa (Exploration Platform) (2008). The exhibition also includes works that have helped write the history of the 1972 and 1988 Venice Biennale.


Curated by Gianfranco Maraniello