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  • Paco Cao - Eterno riposo (Edizione Depero), KC, 2012
  • Paco Cao - Eterno riposo (Edizione Depero), WH, 2012
  • Paco Cao - Eterno riposo (Edizione Depero), AW, 2012

Depero Edition

Mart Rovereto
"I want to open the doors to hedonism and to embrace high and low culture, traditional museography and the world of entertainment"
Paco Cao
The four original works from the MART’s collections used by Paco Cao to create four cards from the “Eternal Rest” pack will be on display in the Casa Depero at Rovereto together with the newly created digital illustrations.

"Eternal Rest - DEpero Edition" presents some works made specially for the Mart by Paco Cao, taking four portraits in the museum’s collections as his starting point.

The self-portrait by Francesco Lattanzio Firmian becomes Michael Jackson, the portrait of Andrea Maffei by Carlo Bellosio is Kurt Cobain, the portrait of baronessa Anna Trentini is Amy Winehouse, and finally, the portrait of conte Carlo Coronini Cronberg by Ferdinando Bassi has the face of Whitney Houston in a male version. The same images become the subjects of the tarot cards to be used by the Spanish artist for the Futurology sessions.


At the Mart’s central site, Paco Cao is one of the artists participating in “The magnificent obsession” exhibition, running from 26th October 2012 to 6th October 2013.


A video interview of Paco Cao explaining his "Invertito" project (spanish, italian subtitles)

A glimps of Paco Cao performances in this video

A set of images on Flickr with photos by da Gianluca Vassallo

Curated by Denis Viva