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  • Alessandro Roma - La prima impressione che il cielo sia vagamente irritato, 2010
  • Alessandro Roma - Ho il vago ricordo di essermi lasciato trascinare, 2010
  • Alessandro Roma. Humus - Sale espositive
  • Alessandro Roma. Humus - Sale espositive

Alessandro Roma

Mart Rovereto
12 January 2011 / 12 June 2011
The Mart presents the first museum exhibition of works by Alessandro Roma, the artist will be presenting collages, a technique he favours, sculptures and bas-reliefs.

lessandro Roma (Milan, 1977) works with collage, a technique he favours for the creation of mental landscapes where perspective is flattened and the artist’s line is lost in the mix of forms and colours.

Through the construction of personal peregrinations, the artist is interested in exploring the limits of painterly tradition, preserving the classic themes but distancing himself from technical and formal traditions. Alessandro Roma works on the undefined and plays with perception. His works are free of a rigid form while memory and fantasy blend into one another. The process of creation of his works starts invariably from a recognisable natural datum: trees, rivers, rocks or flowers. The analysis of the naturalistic phenomenon, however, is conducted by Alessandro Roma in a direction that leads him rather to question himself on the nature of perception.


The artist is interested in the way in which we know reality. Alessandro Roma, therefore, does not proceed by setting fragments next to each other – as the use of collage might suggest – but instead implements a form of painting tending towards the capture of the essential. His is an “attempt to investigate and learn the essence of the emotive, perceptive datum of the man who observes”, as Francesco Stocchi writes in his text for the catalogue.
For the exhibition at the Mart, the artist will be presenting five collages, three sculptures and two bas-reliefs.



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Curated by Giorgio Verzotti