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di trento e rovereto

  • Benvenuto Disertori, La ninfetta, (1913)
  • Benvenuto Disertori - Il pero, (1913)
  • Benvenuto Disertori - L'edera, (1911- 1913)
  • Benvenuto Disertori - Il pensatore, (1909-1910)

Benvenuto Disertori
A Liberty style

Torre vanga, Trento
12 June 2012 / 26 October 2012

envenuto Disertori (1886-1969), a renowned master of print-making, is known above all for his “civic etchings”, views of Italian towns that have been widely appreciated and studied by art critics.
However, there is a central aspect in the artistic development of Disertori that is not so well-known: portraits, nudes and allegorical works revealing how the Trentino-born etcher was an acute and refined exponent of Liberty and Symbolist culture.
Fifty of these works are now the focus of the “Benvenuto Disertori. A Liberty style” at Torre Vanga, the Trento venue of the Mart.


In the years immediately following 1905, Disertori drank deep from the cup of the Liberty style of his times, frequenting D’Annunzian circles in the Venice of Ca’ Pesaro between 1907 and 1908, and subsequently the Kunstverein in Munich.
Through research rendered more difficult by some difficulty in identifying sources, the exhibition traces the origin of a clear predilection in the 1910s for allegorical works, which would recur in all of Benvenuto Disertori’s later work, including late works that interpreted the classicising nude through a deep knowledge of antique sources.

Curated by Alessandra Tiddia