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  • Gino Severini - Canon en action (Mots en liberté et formes), 1914-1915,
  • Gino Severini - Natura morta con maschera, 1929 c.
  • Gino Severini 1883-1966 - Sale espositive
  • Gino Severini 1883-1966 - Sale espositive
  • Gino Severini - Treno blindato in azione, 1915

Gino Severini 1883-1966

Mart Rovereto
17 September 2011 / 08 January 2012
The Mart of Rovereto and the Musée d’Orsay of Paris, present a major exhibition dedicated to the life and work of Gino Severini (Cortona, 1883 - Paris, 1966).

he exhibition had a major preview at the Musée de l’Orangerie in Paris, in the form of the show entitled “Gino Severini (1883 – 1966), futuriste et néoclassique”. It now arrives at the Mart di Rovereto under the title of Gino Severini 1883-1966. Born in Cortona in 1883, while still very young, Severini joined Giacomo Balla’s studio in Rome, together with his friend, Umberto Boccioni.
In 1906, Severini moved to Paris, and regularly spent some time in the small rural village of Civray, immortalised in a landscape of 1908.
His Roman studies on Divisionism drew him to Seurat’s Pointillisme; this phase is typified by a small masterpiece entitled “Printemps à Montmartre” (1909), in which the artist depicted the beauty of the city landscape.



Compared to the Paris preview, the exhibition in Rovereto will display an additional section, featuring works from the the 1940s and 1950s, which makes it possible for the first time in 20 years since the last major monographic exhibition, to examine the complex associations characterising the various milestones in Severini’s artistic development. For the inauguration of the exhibition, the following volumes will be presented “Il carteggio Gino Severini Jacques Maritain (1923-1966)” edited by Giulia Radin and “Fondo Severini. Inventario” edited by Gabriella De Marco and Paola Pettenella.



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Curated by Gabriella Belli and Daniela Fonti