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  • Olivo Barbieri - Dolomites Project, 2010
  • Olivo Barbieri - Dolomites Project, 2010
  • Olivo Barbieri - Dolomites Project, 2010
  • Olivo Barbieri - Dolomites Project, 2010

Olivo Barbieri. Dolomites Project 2010

Mart Rovereto
12 February 2011 / 12 June 2011
"Seascapes, great waterfalls, mountains and historic towns are fragile theme parks. Entertainment has virtually replaced the sublime. Views of megalopolises can, by size and consideration, compete with nature in the human imagination, in terms of importance"
Olivo Barbieri
The great photographer Olivo Barbieri presents at Mart a series of shots of the Dolomites, amazing natural architectures.

olomites Project 2010 is a monographic exhibition of the work of Olivo Barbieri (Carpi 1954, one of the most important contemporary Italian artists), comprising ten large-format photographs and a high-definition film lasting 12 minutes. The project has been planned and realised by Olivo Barbieri himself, by Trentino Marketing, Mart and the Autonomous Province of Trento as part of the initiative aiming at promoting recognition of the Dolomites as a World Heritage Site by Unesco.


Olivo Barbieri describes mountains as “planned architecture”. The Dolomites have existed for the past 250 million years, and the material of which they are formed originated in the depths of the oceans. Barbieri interprets them as symbolic, moving forms, and in the line of the summits sees a “story of the world seen upside-down”.
Barbieri’s work invites the observer to reflect on the environment and the ecological sustainability of these extraordinary examples of natural architecture.

Curated by Gabriella Belli