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  • Rosa Barba - Stage Archive, 2011
  • Rosa Barba - No Titles, 2011
  • Rosa Barba - Stage Archive, 2011
  • Rosa Barba - Stage Archive, 2011
  • Rosa Barba - Stage Archive, 2011

Rosa Barba. Stage Archive

Mart Rovereto
28 May 2011 / 28 August 2011
The Mart, nd the Fondazione Galleria Civica - Centro di Ricerca sulla contemporaneitÓ di Trento are pleased to announce “Rosa Barba. Stage Archive”, the first personal exhibition of Rosa Barba’s work to be held in an Italian public institution, one of the most well-established Italian artists of the latest generation, whose work embraces cinema, sound and text.

he “Rosa Barba. Stage Archive” exhibition arises from the collaboration between the two institutions from the Trentino, and revolves around the role of archive, and as such shapes the identity and institutional activities of the contemporary museum.
The starting point is represented by a work in which Rosa Barba explores the documents of the Futurist period in the Mart di Rovereto’s Historic Archives. The project of the double exhibition consists in presenting various Futurist works in the form of “sculpture-abstract theatre”, including sets and bases for film never realised by Fortunato Depero (Fondo, 1892 - Rovereto, 1960), the originals of which are conserved at the Mart. The archive is re-interpreted by the artist not only as a place of conservation but also as a fulcrum of a fluid temporality, confusing past, present and future as the active engine of the imagination, as source of new narrations, as stage; whence the name of the exhibition, “Stage Archive”.


In both venues, the single works – some recent and others site-specific – will communicate with each other or, better, will be “choreographed” the one within the other to the point that they create a single film and sound installation similar to a “mechanical ballet” of Futurist inspiration, whose single protagonists are presented simultaneously on a single stage represented by the exhibition.
In line with her artistic practice, Rosa Barba has imagined a multimedia “Futuristic parcours” including texts, films, sculptures and sounds. The resulting mechanical performance has something anarchic about it but also appears orchestrated like a concert, like a band playing or a chorus singing the same melody. The futuristic archive as dateless individual expressions, choreographed like a musical score, in which all the works can raise their individual voices in chorus with the rest.
A memorial dedicated to the avant-garde that takes material form in the museum, arriving from the past by full of a striving for future, as typified by the aesthetics and research of the early 20th century.



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Curated by Chiara Parisi and Andrea Viliani