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  • Luca Caccioni - Tavola reversibile, 2004
  • Arcangelo Sassolino - Cemento, 2003
  • Giovanni Manfredini - Tentativo di esistenza, 2004
  • Mauro Staccioli - Senza titolo, 1976
  • Percorsi riscoperti. VAF-Stiftung 1947 - 2010 - Sale espositive

Rediscovered developments in Italian art
VAF-Stiftung 1947 – 2010

Mart Rovereto
02 July 2011 / 29 November 2011
The rich collection of works at the VAF-Stiftung was first formed thanks to the passion for Italian art of the German collector, Volker W. Feierabend, who has over the years acquired important masterpieces of 20th-century art and also helped promote the work of young Italian artists through the creation of the Agenore Fabbri international prize.

he exhibition dedicated this year to the Fondazione VAF is the ideal continuation of the 2005 exhibition, “A century of Italian art”, which presented an initial nucleus of works on long-term loan to the Mart and since 2001 regularly on display in the museum’s permanent collection.
“Rediscovered developments” is divided into two distinct parts: the first has as its predominant theme the rediscovery of those artists who between the 1950s and the 1980s were the protagonists of a rich blossoming of exhibitions and creativity but who have in part been forgotten by militant criticism.
Of particular importance is the section documenting artistic trends such as Razionalismo concreto, Costruttivismo and the Informale. The richness and comprehensiveness of this part of the exhibition bears witness to how many Italian artists continued along the way of abstraction that established itself in Italy during the 1930s; conversely, is also illustrates how there was a large group of artists who reacted against the rigours of abstract art in favour of an expressiveness that was not figurative as such, but instead linked closely to the energy and freedom of the artist’s brushstrokes.
The Informale is represented in the exhibition by works dating from the 1950s and 1960s.
Works from the late 1960s include those of artists involved in an ironic or ferocious criticism of society.


The second section of the exhibition is reserved for the collection’s youngest artists, selected by the Mart’s curators with Volker W. Feierabend himself. The choices made reflect preferences matured by the collector during the long period of research, selection and planning for the various editions of the Agenore Fabbri Prize.
The first section in this second section bears witness to the collector’s interest in figurative depiction and, in a successive section, on abstraction. The exhibition concludes with a section entitled Ironic conceptualism. This will include themes familiar to the Mart’s public, which has in recent years been able to admire many examples of the various international currents of conceptual art, here represented by Italian artists.



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Curated by Gabriella Belli and Daniela Ferrari