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  • Afro - Villa Fleurent, 1958
  • Afro- Il Giardino della Speranza, 1958
  • Afro - Composizione in blu (Notturno), 1953
  • Afro - Cera parsa, 1957
  • Afro - Golfo degli Aranci, 1957

Afro. The American Period | Mart

Mart Rovereto
17 March 2012 / 08 July 2012
Mart has organised an exhibition of documents and works from this “American period” to mark the centenary of Afro’s birth. These works all illustrate an important period in the artist’s development, but have been rarely or even never shown in this country before, since they nearly all come from museums in the United States.

t the 5 Italian Painters exhibition held at the Catherine Viviano Gallery in New York in January 1950, Afro was one of the five artists, together with Corrado Cagli, Renato Guttuso, Ennio Morlotti and Armando Pizzinato. On 15 May of the same year, he held his first solo show in the United States.
By 1955 Afro was one of the best known Italian artists in the United States, as testified by his inclusion in the great MoMA group exhibition entitled The New Decade: 22 European Painters and Sculptors, which presented the latest trends in non-figurative European art. In the same year Afro held a solo exhibition at Washington University in St Louis and was a member of the jury of the Pittsburg International Prize.


The exhibition also displays the works “Cera Persa”, “Golfo degli Aranci” and “Pietra Serena”, all created in 1957 and exhibited on 25 November 1957 at Afro’s third solo exhibition at the Catherine Viviano Gallery. They were bought by important private American collectors, but later found their way back to Europe.

Curated by Gabriella Belli with Margherita de Pilati and Fondazione Archivio Afro