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  • Gillo Dorfles - 1
  • Gillo Dorfles. Opere recenti - Gillo Dorfles nelle sale espositive
  • Gillo Dorfles. Opere recenti - Sale espositive

Gillo Dorfles. Recent works

Mart Rovereto
17 December 2011 / 12 February 2012
"The act of drawing and painting has since childhood been for me something almost coercive, and it has obliged me to fill the pages of my books with scribblings (or were they admirable inventions?)"
Gillo Dorfles
The “Gillo Dorfles. Recent works” exhibition is not a celebration but rather the presentation of a very vast production, with a special focus on the artist’s recent production. The exhibition looks at all the salient aspects of Dorfles’ career, which began in the 1930s, in the wake of expressionism and surrealism.

orfles, born in Trieste in 1910, is one of the most important artists and intellectuals on the Italian scene between the post-war years and the present.
Professor of aesthetics and a leading figure in art criticism for decades, Dorfles has been both a man of theory and of practice. The clearest demonstration of this occurred in 1948 when, together with Bruno Munari, Atanasio Soldati and Gianni Monent, Dorfles founded an avant-garde group – the Movimento Arte Concreta – which set itself an ambitious goal: that of leading painting far from both figuration and post-cubist abstraction.
But on top of and before all of this, Gillo Dorfles has been a highly original and prolific painter, albeit a very private one. Above all, Dorfles has been faithful to a precocious inspiration and at the same time ready throughout his long career to review his taste and theoretic foundations.




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Curated by Luigi Sansone, with the collaboration of Daniela Ferrari