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museo di arte moderna
e contemporanea
di trento e rovereto

  • Paolo Vallorz - Temporale sul monte di Bolentina
  • Paolo Vallorz - Vallorz - Melo canada in fiore di primavera alle Robbiane
  • Paolo Vallorz - Cielo, 1998
  • La donazione Paolo Vallorz - Sale espositive
  • Paolo Vallorz - Cielo, 1998
  • Paolo Vallorz - I tre abeti alla Vezzena di sera, 1985

The Paolo Vallorz donation

Mart Rovereto
02 July 2011 / 13 November 2011
"I was born amidst the multicoloured trees of the Val di Sole”, the artist has written. “A valley kissed by clear, cool waters. I have had my informal and conceptual experience, but portrayed myself as dejected and unhappy. I have returned to life, to nature, to flowers"
Paolo Vallorz
At the Mart a major exhibition celebrating a leading European contemporary artist who enjoys close ties with his native Trentino.

aolo Vallorz was born at Caldés (Trento) in 1931, but has always lived in Paris. He studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice and at the Académie Libre de Montparnasse. He has lived through the whole history of the international artistic avant-garde movements, frequenting artists and critics like Ives Klein, Alberto Giacometti, Alberto Burri and Pierre Restany.
His distinctive style is a highly personal figurative painting in which the colours, lights and scents of his homeland come to life. The Paolo Vallorz donation presents a broad selection of paintings reconstructing the entire artistic development of one of the most important of contemporary painters of the Trentino.


A part of these works come from an earlier donation by the artist made in 1993. Overall, the two donations represent a highly important bequest for the Mart and makes it possible to show and highlight to best effect the work of an artist of extraordinary coherence. In over 60 years of activity, Paolo Vallorz has developed an artistic evolution that has always gone against every fashion or economic rule, against all commodification of art.
The exhibition enjoys critical contributions by Jean Clair and Vittorio Sgarbi and a biography by Franco de Battaglia.

Curated by Gabriella Belli