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museo di arte moderna
e contemporanea
di trento e rovereto

  • Vincent van Gogh - Joseph Roulin, 1888
  • Gerhard Richter - Casa, 1992
  • Niklaus Stoecklin - Fantasia, 1921
  • Pierre Bonnard - La tazza blu, 1907 circa
  • Piet Mondrian - Compositione A con rosso e blu, 1932
  • Richard Hamilton - Epifania, 1964-1989

Masterpieces of Modernity
Works from the collection of the Kunstmuseum Winterthur

Mart Rovereto
19 September 2009 / 10 January 2010
Monet, Pissarro, Rodin, Bonnard, Sisley, van Gogh, CÚzanne, Picasso, Kandinsky, Klee, Magritte, Brancusi, Mondrian, Gerhard Richter and many others are the protagonists of “Masterpieces of Modernity. Works from the collection of the Kunstmuseum Winterthur”.

he exhibition offers a rich chronological and thematic itinerary through impressionism, cubism, surrealism and abstract schools and ending with an overview of the highest quality of international art movements of the post-war years.

Founded thanks to a shrewd acquisitions campaign launched at the end of the 19th century by the Fine Arts Society of Winterthur, and subsequently supported by generous donations, the collection has always concentrated on impressionist and post-impressionist masterpieces, with works by Degas, Sisley, Pissarro, Monet and the post-impressionists.

The itinerary begins with a section dedicated to French painting at the dawn of modernity, with some enchanting landscapes by Corot and Boudin, opening the way to the research of the impressionists, here represented by a group of works of high quality, including a series of en plein air landscapes by Monet, some light studies by Sisley and Pissarro’s crowded views.


The avant-garde movements open with a chapter stressed the shift of painting towards abstraction, with works by artists abandoning all objective references, from the Orphean cubism of Delaunay to the lyrical abstraction of Kandinsky and Klee. A particularly important nucleus of works illustrates the research of those artists who, after the First World War, turned their gaze beyond “touchable things” to explore the most hidden and profound side of reality, and on to the dimension of dreams and the unconscious, starting with Giorgio de Chirico, who opened the way to surrealists like Max Ernst, René Magritte and Yves Tanguy.

An important section is dedicated to cubism, represented in its various developments through a fine group of works by Picasso, Gris and Léger, an artist of whose work the Winterthur museum holds one of the most important collections in Europe.

Thanks to major donations, the collection of the Winterthur Museum also offers the latest figurative work, with examples by Richard Hamilton, protagonist of pop culture, Richard Artschwager and Gerhard Richter, and on to the results of contemporary artistic culture.



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Curated by Dieter Schwarz