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museo di arte moderna
e contemporanea
di trento e rovereto

  • Bruno Ceccobelli - Cervo umido, 1986
  • Gianni Dessė - Camera picta, 1991
  • Giuseppe Gallo - Incantato, 1983
  • Marco Tirelli - Senza titolo, 1989
  • Nunzio - Meteora, 1986
  • Pizzi Cannella - Bagno turco, 1994

Contemporary Italy
Officina San Lorenzo

Mart Rovereto
16 May 2009 / 04 October 2009
“Officina San Lorenzo” was a group of Roman artists working in improvised studios in the disused spaces of the former Cerere pasta factory. The district was San Lorenzo, and the period the end of the 1970s.

ver the years, the term “Officina San Lorenzo” has been used to identify the work of Bruno Ceccobelli, Gianni Dessì, Giuseppe Gallo, Nunzio, Pizzi Cannella and Marco Tirelli. Drawn together not by a programme but by a shared form of poetics, these artists placed painting and sculpture at the centre of the way they worked. They encouraged individual responsibility, the exercise of invention which regains vigour where it can be measured with a shared language, and the rehabilitation of discredited concepts of the uniqueness and autonomy of a work.


With the “Contemporary Italy. Officina San Lorenzo” exhibition Mart will explore a movement that imposed itself on the international stage between the 1980s and early 1990s, and which represents an importortant contribution to the renewal of painting and sculpture in Italy.


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Curated by Daniela Lancioni