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  • R Di Martino - No More Stars (abandoned Movie props Flamethrower), 2011 Courtesy The Artist and Monitor, Rome
  • Luca Vitone - 2Arrivo a Colonia", 1998, Courtesy dell'artista e Franco Soffiantino Contemporary Art Productions
  • PetriPaselli - Roma - Fontana di Trevi, 2008. Dalla serie Souvenirs d’Italie. Courtesy degli artisti
  • Francis Frith - The Temple of Wady Kardassy, Nulria, Egypt, 1857. Mart, Collezione M. Trevisan
  • Tano Festa - Michelangelo according to Tano Festa, 1967. Mart, Collezione VAF-Stiftung
  • Marcello Dudovich - In spiaggia, 1920
  • Emilio Isgr - "Carta geografica cancellata", 1970, Mart, Collezione VAF-Stiftung

There and again
Souvenir de voyage

Mart Rovereto
22 June 2013 / 08 September 2013
"There is only one voyage possible: the one we undertake within our inner world (…) We take everything we are with us on our travels"
Andrei Tarkosvsky
The Mart presents “There and again. Souvenir de voyage”, providing a link between the tourist’s eyes and the space of tourism

hotographs taken during 19th-century Grand Tours, early 20th-century guidebooks for travellers, travel diaries, a series of advertisements ranging from artistic illustration to kitsch, the irony of Pop Art, the contemporary languages of video and installation. These are just some of the surprises in store in an exhibition the seeks to understand how the way we travel has changed, together with how we see the places visited under the impetus of globalisation and the mass post-modern world.
“There and again”, has been produced by the Mart di Rovereto and curated by Nicoletta Boschiero, Veronica Caciolli, Daniela Ferrari, Paola Pettenella, Alessandra Tiddia and Denis Viva. The exhibition catalogue includes a text by Fernando Castro Florez.

The exhibition opens with “A voyage in time”, a story through images of the great Russian director, Andrei Tarkovsky, who undertook his own Grand Tour in 1983 in the company of poet and screenwriter, Tonino Guerra. Their way of travelling yielded nothing to the temptations of memory, but gathered images to appropriate themselves and the world.
“Photographing”, stated Susan Sontag, “means appropriating the thing you are photographing. It means establishing a special relationship with the world that gives a sensation of knowledge and thus of power”.

The tale of this voyage introduces the key theme of the exhibition in a critical manner: the global mass tourism industry today inundates us with images of places with a “tourist slant”. These are “images of images” which go to feed our mental maps and condition our image of the world in a precise way: that of the progressive superimposition of tourist and cultural spaces.


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