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  • Matteo Basilé - Apparition 1, 2007
  • Matteo Basilé - Apparition 2, 2007
  • Matteo Basilé - Love me B, 2007
  • Matteo Basilè - Sale espositive

Matteo Basilé. Apparitions

Mart Rovereto
01 January 2007
Apparitions is the title of the project by Matteo Basilé, through which the artist intends describing the slender line separating the vision of the madman from that of a saint, of a man from a woman, of beauty from monstrosity; a series of images which metaphorically touch the mystery of life and of the universe.

asilé’s digital photography in Apparitions portrays figures in strongly theatrical poses, with penetrating gazes and postures recalling a stately sacredness. Acting as background are settings with strong historical and artistic connotations – such as the Reggia di Caserta – or fascinating baroque landscapes that Gianluca Marziani in the catalogue text defines as a “science-fiction hinterland: settings in which the future of the human race builds on the traces of the past”. 


The common factor in the individuals depicted by Basilé is the tendency towards diversity: bodily modifications, challenging stances, the exhibition of transgender characteristics which, according to Marziani, render these “presences” more real than reality, […], and honest because beyond any risk of judgement. Their courage bears the weight of history and becomes a moral action”. 

Curated by Gianluca Marziani.