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museo di arte moderna
e contemporanea
di trento e rovereto

  • Federico Zandomeneghi - Donna con occhi azzurri, s.d.
  • Giorgio de Chirico - Mobili nella valle, 1927
  • Umberto Boccioni - Nudo di spalle (Effetto di sole), 1909
  • Giorgio Morandi - Natura morta, 1929
  • Gino Severini - Ritratto di madame S., 1915 (1913)
  • Lucio Fontana - Concetto spaziale, 1960

Masters of the 20th century from Boccioni to Fontana
The collection of a refined cultivator of modern art

Mart Rovereto
13 October 2007 / 20 January 2008
"This picture gratifies my soul; now at last that it is mine, it can move me every day"
Luigi Ferro
Fifty masterpieces of Italian art, from Boccioni to Balla, Carrą, Savinio, Sironi, Fontana, and two rooms devoted entirely to de Chirico and Morandi respectively. These are the “treasures” of a splendid collection of modern art gathered by Luigi Ferro.

he exhibition layout shows how the collector matured a highly selective taste over the years, imparting a coherent artistic feel to his collection, underlying which was his passion for the most innovative Italian figurative painting of the early 20th century, but also, in his last years, an enthusiasm for Fontana’s conceptual work, a clear presage of the clear-minded shift towards more recent works. The explosion of “emotions” that the Ferro family recalls as being the spark attracting him to each new work reflected his need to retreat into the intimacy of a world formed for beauty and harmony, but also of complex enquiry and flights into the most reckless creativity: the step-by-step construction of his collection obliges one to consider this need of his.


All of this is demonstrated by the presence of some masterpieces of Futurism, but also by the selection of Novecento artists, including artists who rose above the rhetoric of their time, such as Morandi, Guidi, de Chirico, de Pisis and Savinio. Luigi Ferro was endowed with an extraordinary capacity in which was expressed also the best of the character of the businessman won over by art: that of immediately recognising the quality and rarity of a work.

Curated by Gabriella Belli.