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  • El Lissitzky, Il costruttore (autoritratto), 1924. The Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles
  • El Lissitzky - "Annuncio di nascita del figlio dell'artista", 1930 (dettaglio). The Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles
  • El Lissitzky - Storia di due quadrati: racconto suprematista in 6 costruzioni, 1922. The Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles

El Lissitzky
The experience of totality

15 February 2014 / 08 June 2014
"I have never been sparing of my energy in my life. Now I’ve arrived at the limit, and now I know how one should create pictures that are “fine”, “strong”, “dynamic”. An enigma must once more rise up in me. I don’t belong to the birds that sing for the sake of singing "
El Lissitzky
Painter, designer, architect, graphic designer, photographer and, above all, revolutionary: a life lived at the limit – indeed, dedicated to going beyond them. This is El Lissitzky, the great Russian artist to whom the Mart di Rovereto is dedicating a major exhibition, curated by Oliva Marķa Rubio.

he exhibition presents over 100 works from leading international institutions and museums, and has been produced by the Mart, the Museo Picasso of Malaga and the Fundació Catalunya - La Pedrera of Barcelona in collaboration with La Fábrica.
After a first phase in Rovereto, Italy, the exhibition will be hosted by the co-producing museums: from 23rd June to 28th September 2014 in Malaga, and from 20th October 2014 to 25th January at Barcelona.

Eliezer (Lazar) Markovič Lisickij (Počinok, Smolensk, Russia, 1890 - Moscow, 1941), called El Lissitzky, was one of the most influential, experimental and controversial artists of the early 20th century.
Creative and innovative, he aspired to blend countries and cultures, art and design, West and East in his work. For him, art was a heterogenous process of research, within which he constantly built up links between different disciplines: architecture, construction, design, graphic design, illustration.


El Lissitzky. The experience of totality” intends to investigate the development of the artist’s activity through all the languages adopted to build a new, collective and revolutionary art, presenting paintings, printing projects, book and magazine illustrations, architectural studies, photographs, photo-montages and photographs like “Runner in the city” of 1926 and the iconic self-portrait known as “The builder” of 1924.


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The exhibition includes a screening of a documentary entitled “El Lissitzky. A Film of The Life” produced by the Lissitzky Center, Novosibirsk and M. T. Abraham Foundation, Paris


Oliva María Rubio