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museo di arte moderna
e contemporanea
di trento e rovereto

  • Giuseppe Tominz, Doppio ritratto, particolare
  • Bartolomeo Bezzi, Sulle rive dell'Adige, 1885, Mart di Rovereto
  • Giovanni Segantini, Funghi, 1886, Segantini Museum St. Moritz
  • Eugenio Prati, Favretto al Liston, (1893-1894)
  • Gustave Courbet, Le rive della Loue, 1862

Awareness of the real
Nineteenth-century masterpieces
From Courbet to Segantini

Mart Museum, Rovereto
05 December 2015 / 03 April 2016
Curated by Alessandra Tiddia

he Awareness of the real will investigate some moments of figurative culture in the nineteenth century, in the period between Romanticism and Impressionism, or between 1840 and 1895, the year of the first Venice Biennale.
In the second half of the nineteenth century, adhesion to the “Real” characterised the main art forms in Italy, from south to north, in painting, literature and photography.
Realism, initiated with the masterful technique of Gustave Courbet, present in the exhibition with a whole room dedicated to him, helped to release painting and sculpture from mythological and aristocratic themes in favour of the authenticity of the other classes, the bourgeoisie, the proletariat and peasants. Preferring to paint en plein air to studios and subjective depictions to the rules of the academies, the painters of the nineteenth century unveiled the relationship between reality and depiction, especially in self-portraits and portraits.
On display are some 70 works from the collections of the Mart and from prestigious public and private collections, among which are the work of some undisputed masters such as Gustave Courbet, Giovanni Segantini, Francesco Hayez, Giovanni Boldini and Franz von Lenbach, together with Carlo Bellosio, Mosè Bianchi, Giustiniano Degli Avancini, Alessandro Guardassoni, Pompeo Marino Molmenti, Eugenio Prati and Giuseppe Tominz.