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  • Stefano Cagol, The End of the Border (of the mind), 2013
  • Stefano Cagol, Evoke Provoke (the border), 2011
  • Stefano Cagol, The Ice Monolith, 2013

Stefano Cagol
Works 1995-2015

Civic gallery, Trento
25 March 2016 / 12 June 2016
Sixteen years after his first solo exhibition in a museum, organised by the Mart at its former historic venue of Palazzo delle Albere, the works of Stefano Cagol return to Trento in a solo exhibition curated by Margherita de Pilati and Denis Isaia.

he show offers an overview of the many projects with which Stefano Cagol has developed a reflection on current events and social and cultural phenomena, interpreting them in an ironic, controversial and scathing manner.

In this chronological exhibition, the various phases of the artist's career are illustrated, from the early experiments concerning the language of video, to the most recent projects like “The Body of Energy (of the mind)”, produced by the Germany RWE foundation and presented in a solo exhibition in Berlin and in a dozen European museums.
About 40 works will be on display, including the itinerant projects that have for years characterised Cagol’s work, participatory projects, like the one realised at the Ilva of Taranto, and the work presented in the Maldives Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale “The ice monolith”.

Stefano Cagol

Stefano Cagol

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