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  • Wyatt Kahn, Untitled, 2013
  • Wyatt Kahn, Lead
  • Wyatt Kahn, Wheigts

Wyatt Kahn
Variations on an object

Civic Gallery Trento
02 July 2016 / 02 October 2016

alleria Civica in Trento is organizing an exhibition entitled "Wyatt Kahn. Variations on an object"; the exhibition will be his first solo show in a public institution in Europe.
Born in 1983 in New York, he is considered one of the most interesting young artist in the United States and he has already realized important solo exhibition in the main galleries all over the Europe.
Following the tradition of minimalist abstraction, Wyatt Kahn’s multi-panel paintings are seemingly emptied of content, yet their construction allows for a sophisticated interplay of forms to become the subject of each work.

The exhibition is curated by Margherita de Pilati.

Robert Morris

Robert Morris

PR Wyatt Kahn

PR Wyatt Kahn