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  • Anna Gaskell - Untitled#6 (wonder), 1996
  • Kiki Smith - Come Away From Her (After Lewis Carroll), 2003
  • Dorothea Tanning - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik,1943
  • F. E. McWilliam - Occhio, naso e guancia, 1939
  • Francesca Woodman - Ancora un altro cielo plumbeo, Roma, 1977-78
  • Alice in Wonderland - Sale espositive

Alice in Wonderland

Mart Rovereto
23 February 2012 / 03 June 2012
“Alice in Wonderland” will take centre stage at the Mart di Rovereto in what is the first exhibition to explore and analyse comprehensively the influence of Lewis Carroll’s famous stories on the world of visual arts.

lice in Wonderland" and “Alice through the looking glass”, the classic tales by Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, 1832 – 1898), have fascinated and inspired generations of artists since they were published 150 years ago. This exhibition explores the process of creation of the stories, the adoption of the texts as a source of inspiration for the world of art, and the new interpretation of some of their key themes by many artists down to the present day.
The exhibition will present the original illustrations of this first edition, drawn by Sir John Tenniel, who invented a self-sufficient visual aesthetic world, able to have its own life. Even today, this is the iconography commonly associated with the story of Alice. The role played by the images has been central to the story from the very outset, from the genesis of the work. The exhibition will also display a reproduction of the original manuscript with Lewis Carroll’s own drawings, given to the twelve-year-old Alice Liddell as a Christmas present in 1864 by the author.
From 1930, the surrealists felt a strong attraction for the fantastic world in which these stories were set, in which the laws of nature were as though suspended.
Artists have continued to draw inspiration from the Alice’s adventures in Wonderland in more recent years too. Some subjects in particular are of great appeal to contemporary artistic research: the voyage from childhood to adulthood, the relationships between language, meaning and nonsense, the relationships between the dimension of the observer and the environment around him, between the different perspectives and the tension between perception and reality.
The final section shows how the production associated with themes drawn from Alice in Wonderland is still vast.


An exhibition organised by Tate Liverpool in collaboration with the Mart di Rovereto and the Kunsthalle Hamburg



On ours Flickr page you can take a look at a set of images of the preparation, and a behind the scenes of the exhibition; but the most beautiful one is the inauguration opening party of the exhibition.

Look also at the presentation of the Director Cristiana Collu, at an her interview and a Lella Costa contribute.

Curated by Christoph Benjamin Schulz and Gavin Delahunty, with the assistance of Eleanor Clayton