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museo di arte moderna
e contemporanea
di trento e rovereto

  • Mario Radice, "Composizione R. 44", (1944-1945), olio su tela, 80 x 100 cm. Mart, Collezione VAF-Stiftung
  • Mario Radice - "Crollo", [1939-1942]
  • Mario Radice - "La partita di pallone", 1933. Mart, collezione privata

Mario Radice. Architecture, Number, Color


The artistic path of the exhibition dedicated to Mario Radice (Como 1898 – Milan 1987), in the light of the plentiful and previously unpublished works from the archives, suggests a new historical-critical interpretive key of Italian Abstract art which not only explores further into the question of the origins, with its roots in the spirit of the 1930’s, but it also sheds fresh light on the strong interlocking with the great architectural season of Rationalism.

While illustrating the profile of one of the leading exponents of the Abstract artists from Como, a forerunner and leading figure in the twentieth century Italian cultural panorama, the exhibition develops along a path formed both within the artist’s biography and thanks to the comparison with the works of those architects and painters who form the most advanced point of Italian avant-garde art. So through the figure of Mario Radice, it is possible to interpret the turmoil and results of that Italian art movement which grew between the two wars, dominated by the research for harmony, discipline and order and governed by the cult of geometry, proportion and compositional precision, of “colour in as much as it is colour” and “shapes in as much as they are shapes”.

Among the other works, the exhibition also proposes the reconstruction of the bas-relief which Radice carried out for the Sale del Direttorio della Casa del Fascio designed by Giuseppe Terragni in 1933.  The story unravels chronologically (embracing the period between the wars and from after the Second World War to the 1980’s) through paintings (Compositions and Portraits), sketches, drawings, reconstructions, studies and sketches for paintings, architectural and design projects.

There is also the unique previously unpublished series of paintings and drawings called Crollo which Radice worked on during the war years, expression not only of ongoing human tragedy, but also the breaking up of the utopia of Modernity. As well as works by the Como Group (Rho, Badiali, Galli, Cordelia, Cattaneo), those from the Galleria Il Milione are also present (Reggiani, Soldati, Fontana, Melotti, Licini and Veronesi) as are Magnelli and Munari.

Mario Radice
Mario Radice
La partita di pallone
Mario Radice
Prog. 80 Col.
Mario Radice
Ritratto della moglie
Manlio Rho
Ritratto di Radice