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Álvaro Siza. Inside the Human Being


inner of the Pritzker Prize (the Nobel for Architecture) in 1992 and recipient of the Leone d’Oro for his career at the 13th Biennale of architecture in Venice in 2012, Álvaro Siza has defined architecture as a “poetic profession” dedicated to planning spaces for man’s life in nature.

Álvaro Siza. Inside the human being pays homage to a great exponent of contemporary architectural culture, an undisputed maestro of whole generations of architects who, through the study and interpretation of his thoughts and works, have renewed the relationship between the internationalist drive of the modern avant-garde and the continuity with constructive local traditions.

The intention of the exhibition path is to describe the architect’s artistic and professional itinerary starting from the historical events of his country, Portugal, which had recently emerged from a long dictatorship. Deep rooted in his birthplace, Siza patiently worked on the relationship with the human dimension and with the countryside, searching for a coherent architectural language and international authority.

Through a selection of projects, enriched with drawings, photographs and models, the exhibition reveals Álvaro Siza’s planning process within a “methodological” itinerary based on personal experiences, curiosities and his way of observing reality which lends a central role to the relationship between man and nature as a driving force of history.

The exhibition section therefore become chapters of a diary (inSide JOURNEY, inSide STORY, inSide CITY, inSide HOUSEHOLD) where there are drawings and travel notes (from Palermo to Moscow, from Alhambra to Berlin, from Macao to Naples), meetings, thoughts, photographs, drawings, videos, models (regarding about 50 projects, carried out or ongoing, from 1977 to 2014) which certainly represent the steps of a complex and meticulous professional method but above all, moments of life. From the Serralves lamp to the Faup chair, from the book holder Livreira to the Mesa table, furniture and objects are also on show, such as chairs, stools, tables, book holders, lamps, handles, ashtrays.