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museo di arte moderna
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di trento e rovereto

Artists’ magazines. Panorama of Mart’s Twentieth Century Archive Collection

precious collection of artists’ magazines, from the historical avant-garde (De Stijl by Theo van Doesburg, 1923; Dinamo Futurista by Fortunato Depero, 1933) up to today (mail art by Vittore Baroni, 1979–2009), with particular attention to those produced in the 1960’s and 70’s (aaa by Ugo Carrega and Mario Diacono, 1969; Pianeta Fresco by Ettore Sottsass, Fernanda Pivano, Allen Ginsberg, 1967–1968) a moment when the simultaneous presence of various languages found a place for privileged cultural exchange in the artists’ magazines as well as a communications tool that was more suitable and integrated. The Archive also contains a series of publishing catalogues relative to the magazines.