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museo di arte moderna
e contemporanea
di trento e rovereto

  • Anri Sala, "Untitled"
  • Allestimento della mostra "Soglie"
  • Arcangelo Sassolino - Cemento, 2003



n exhibition of a highly philosophical nature which aims at exploring the concept of limit through the work of some of the most interesting authors of the international contemporary panorama.

This is a way of expression through the artists’ work of the concept of overcoming limits and the different conceptions of space. The main protagonist is the human being’s never ending research in the confrontation/dispute and the attempt to overcome the physical, mental, cosmological limits which distinguish existence.

The two series Untitled (Niemeyer 1-2) and Untitled, 2007 by Anri Sala investigate the permeable limits and the relationship between external and internal of physical space. Stefano Cagol with his Nubi, 2000, proposes doubling, overturning, creation of new spaces; while the physical space, in its urban dimension, is the protagonist of Bert Theis' works, Isola Project, 2002 and Aggioville, 2007. Loris Cecchini with Stage Evidence, 2003, transforms objects from domestic space through dynamic installations which overcome the normal limit of perception.

Reflection on the exterior and interior space and the human landscape are proposed by Chen Zen’s work Crystal Landscape of Inner Body, 2000. Instead Eliseo and Gabriel Orozco relate with the cosmos, infinite space and by definition without limits, through the works Sonda Spaziale and Arena, silla, mar 2 e 3. Also present in the exhibition are Anish Kapoor (Untitled, 2002), Ilya & Emilia Kabakov (The Egg, 2002), Mike Kelley (Fruit and Juice, 1986), Oliver Herring (Kernel, 1998), Arcangelo Sassolino (Cement, 2003) and Gedy Sibony (Conventionalised too are the relative sizes, 2008).

Arcangelo Sassolino
Loris Cecchini
Stage Evidence
Gabriel Orozco
Arena, Silla, Mar 2
Anri Sala
Anish Kapoor