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museo di arte moderna
e contemporanea
di trento e rovereto

Art and Nature


he dialectic confrontation between Art and Nature finds much food for thought in the Mart Collections. Romantic tradition is reinterpreted or totally overthrown in contemporary art works.

Sometimes Nature is the protagonist of landscapes reproduced with traditional tools, as in Franco Fontana’s photographic work Landscape-Basilicata from 1979, or through the light box as in Elisa Sighicelli's work Untitled – Blue Mountain, 2003. Nature is researched in a different way, an extension of intimacy, for example, enclosed in the surface of a mirror in Miroir – Nebuloso 2, 2008, by Dacia Manto, or in the small fragments of Giovanni Frangi's work Giovanni Frangi V, 2010. Dacia Manto’s two works Pleniziaria 1 and 2 are also present.

The metaphysical reference as a divine presence can be found in everything in Sabrina Mezzaqui's work. There is no lack of references to Impressionist nature, as in Picture of Colour After Claude Monet, 2001, by Vik Muniz.

The collection is further enriched by works by Mario Schifano, (Enamel on Paper, 1964), Christian Holstad (House Training and Clutch Snake 3, a 2007 series), Federico Pietrella (November, 2007), Daniel Galiano (Basta carne, 2006), and Cecily Brown (Study for Sarn Mere II, 2008).

Herrenhausen, Hannover
5 Colored 2
Dacia Manto
Planiziaria #1
Mario Schifano
Smalto su carta