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he exhibition proposes a group of works from the Mart Collections which have the colour white as their common denominator, a neutral colour which is the perfect covering for creativity and symbolism. The white theme is delineated in a delicate and aesthetic exhibition through multiple possible visions: in its pure dimension, ideal and clear or with its meaning of colour-non-colour, observing the immateriality which it evokes, the nothing, the undetermined, the indifferent. Also the physical and matter white: the china-clay on Piero Manzonis Achromes, the marble and plaster of the Neo-classical sculptures by Wildt, Jerace, Malfatti and Vigani or Andrea Foglis installations (Sezione Aurea, 2002) or reflections in the aluminium works by Dyana Baylon or Robert Morris. The white which is so strongly present in Lucio Fontanas Spatial Concept but also in the three-dimensional monochromes by Enrico Castellani and in Rilievo 2/69 by Nicola Carrino, up to Pietro Consagras Ghibli, Citt frontale. Finally there are the wonderful whites in Giorgio Morandis vases of flowers which open up to an infinity of shades and tints, giving white another of its acknowledged features, that of generative principle.
Lucio Fontana
Concetto spaziale, attese
Alighiero Boetti
Senza titolo
Enrico Castellani
Superficie bianca
Giorgio Morandi
Piero Manzoni