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  • Allestimento della mostra "Tavolara e Depero"
  • Allestimento della mostra "Tavolara e Depero"
  • Eugenio Tavolara - "Cavalcata sarda", anni '50. Collezione I.S.O.L.A. - Istituto Sardo Organizzazione Lavoro Artigiano - Regione Autonoma della Sardegna

Tavolara and Depero


ugenio Tavolara (Sassari, 1901-1963) and Fortunato Depero (Fondo, 1892 – Rovereto, 1960) perhaps never met, but during the same years and in different places they carried out a similar artistic research, leading protagonists among those artists dedicated to applied arts and contemporary design. The exhibition Tavolara and Depero. The Manufacture of the Art’s House becomes a possible comparison where a selection of Eugenio Tavolara’s works and Fortunato Depero’s projects, puppets and sculptures can be found in an unprecedented dialogue around the splendour of the early twentieth century avant-garde folklore.

Similar in genre and techniques, both productions represent the energetic and specific identity that brought them to life: in Sardinia as in Trentino these artists re-launched and promoted local artisan work, personally leading companies and trade.

The strange ties between the two maestros, besides the evident ones of comparison between their production and works (just think about the famous logos, toys, mechanical figures, drawings and carpets), also derive from the fact that they lived at the same time, interpreting the same ideas and tendencies. They were both present in 1925 at the International Exhibition of decorative and modern industrial arts in Paris, Depero took part together with Balla and Prampolini, exhibiting in a room dedicated to Futurism while Tavolara, who had presented mechanical figures and wooden puppets, won the gold medal and much appreciation from the critics. Almost one hundred years after the Paris exhibition, Tavolara and Depero are side by side again, closer than ever before.

Eugenio Tavolara
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Eugenio Tavolara
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