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  • Luigi Russolo - Profumo, 1910 - Rovereto, Mart, VAF Stiftung
  • Carlo CarrÓ, Ci˛ che mi ha detto il tram, 1911
  • Giacomo Balla, Compenetrazione iridescente n. 4, 1912-1913

Painters of light
From Divisionism to Futurism

Mart Museum
25 June 2016 / 09 October 2016
After the first leg in Madrid, the exhibition produced by Mart and Fundaciˇn MAPFRE arrives in Italy! Rovereto sees the arrival of the major masterpieces of artists who, at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth century, defined the birth of modern Italian painting. The ambitious exhibition presents works by great masters such as Segantini, Pellizza Volpedo, Morbelli, Longoni together with Boccioni, Balla, Carra, Russolo and Severini.

he project is based around two separate exhibitions: the first at the Fundación MAPFRE in Madrid, from 17 February to 5 June, and the second at the Mart, from 25 June to 9 October.
Marking two steps of a single journey, the two exhibitions illustrate the art of Italian masters who lived in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. These were the painters who introduced the revolutionary change of mentality from which the avant-garde movements of the twentieth century drew their inspiration, and in particular Futurism.
With this project, the Mart renews its fruitful international collaborations and, once again, highlights its own collections in Italy and abroad.

Painters of light. From Divisionism to Futurism exhibition is curated by Beatrice Avanzi, Musée d'Orsay; Daniela Ferrari, Mart; Fernando Mazzocca, University of Milan, and features more than 80 works.
Through a selection of masterpieces from the collections of the Mart, enriched by prestigious public and private loans, the exhibition narrates the origins and development of Divisionism in an explicit dialogue with Futurism.

Between the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, Divisionism played a fundamental role in the renewal of Italian art, finding its ideal continuation in the Futurist avant-garde.
It is in this confrontation between two generations that defines the birth of modern painting in Italy.

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Painters of light

Painters of light

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